Wabi - Sabi

The first women's wear collection by Yavï is reflective of the philosophy the brand wishes to adopt. A way to celebrate life and nature whilst getting a taste of hand spun imperfections. The subtle irregularities in colour and form, speak of the many processes each creation goes through to achieve the look.


Hand Painted Coat Black : YcthpW16

Patch Pocket Pant II Code Ypqaj14

Gadh Yellow Navy Dress II Code YDWdc3

Broken Bark Dress II Code : YDLdc1 

Textured Linen Skirt II Code YskLlz11

Hand Painted Coat Blue Gold : Ycthpaj17

Discharge Square Dress II Code YDHbdc8

Wool Barley Long Dress II Code YDWdc2

Geometric Cape Dress II Code YCpChdc9

Diamond Linen Dress II Code YDLdc7